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Gallery 319
Paintings by Various Artists
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Friedrich Amerling, The Young Eastern Woman

Friedrich Amerling
The Young Eastern Woman

Fedchina Arina, Title Unknown

Fedchina Arina
Title Unknown

Andrew Atroshenko, Alessandra

Andrew Atroshenko

George Hamilton Barrable, Far-Away Thoughts

George Hamilton Barrable
Far-Away Thoughts

Bo Bartlett, Still Point

Bo Bartlett
Still Point

Jean Béraud, Le trottin

Jean Béraud
Le trottin

Eugene de Blaas, Contemplation

Eugene de Blaas

David Michael Bowers, The Eternal Touch

David Michael Bowers
The Eternal Touch

Fred Calleri, A Sad Day for Buttercup

Fred Calleri
A Sad Day for Buttercup

Charles Camoin, La Passerelle de Chatou à l'automne

Charles Camoin
La Passerelle de Chatou à l'automne

Jean Pierre Cassigneul, Le Soir

Jean Pierre Cassigneul
Le Soir

Giuseppe Castiglione, Banjinbiao, a Chinese Greyhound, from Ten Prized Dogs

Giuseppe Castiglione
Banjinbiao, a Chinese Greyhound,
 from Ten Prized Dogs

ACQUAeLUNA, (Cris Acqua and Carmen Luna), I know You by Heart

(Cris Acqua and Carmen Luna),
I know You by Heart

Harvey Dinnerstein, Sundown,the Crossing

Harvey Dinnerstein
Sundown,the Crossing

Zorikto Dorzhiev, Full Moon

Zorikto Dorzhiev
Full Moon

Alan Fearnley, Thoroughbred Stable

Alan Fearnley
Thoroughbred Stable

Albert Franck, Behind Washington Ave.

Albert Franck
Behind Washington Ave.

Wojtek Fus, Agatha

Wojtek Fus

Daniel F. Gerhartz, Water Lilies

Daniel F. Gerhartz
Water Lilies

Grant Haffner, Sunset on Old Montauk Highway

Grant Haffner
Sunset on Old Montauk Highway

Vilhelm Hammershöi, Interieur mit Rueckenansicht einer Frau

Vilhelm Hammershöi
Interieur mit Rueckenansicht
einer Frau

George Harcourt, Miss Anne Harcourt

George Harcourt
Miss Anne Harcourt

Robert Heinecken, Title Unknown

Robert Heinecken
Title Unknown

Camille Hilaire, Frou-Frou

Camille Hilaire

Feng Chang Jiang, Title Unknown

Feng Chang Jiang
Title Unknown

Frida Kahlo, Thinking about Death

Frida Kahlo
Thinking about Death

Andre Kohn, Stranger

Andre Kohn

Caroline Krabbe, Paisaje con gran frutero

Caroline Krabbe
Paisaje con gran frutero

Wojtek Kwiatkowski, Gallop

Wojtek Kwiatkowski

Arnold Borisovich Lakhovsky, Boats

Arnold Borisovich Lakhovsky

Jeffrey T. Larson, Title Unknown

Jeffrey T. Larson

Faiza Maghni, Title Unknown

Faiza Maghni

Anika Manuel, Staring Out at the Open Sea

Anika Manuel
Staring Out at the Open Sea

Nikolay Gabunia, Rève de satin

Nikolay Gabunia
Rève de satin

Gregory Packard, The Gathering

Gregory Packard
The Gathering

Javier Saenz Pedrosa, Title Unknown

Javier Saenz Pedrosa
Title Unknown

Jane Peterson, The Answer

Jane Peterson
The Answer

Howard Rogers, Old Friends

Howard Rogers
Old Friends

Gabriel Schachinger, Das Vergissmeinnicht

Gabriel Schachinger
Das Vergissmeinnicht

Christian Schloe, Night Within a Dream

Christian Schloe
Night Within a Dream

Jan Sluijters, Elegant Lady in Spanish Dress

Jan Sluijters
Elegant Lady in Spanish Dress

Harald Sohlberg, Street in Røros

Harald Sohlberg
Street in Røros

Henry Szadkowski, Portrait of a Woman

Henry Szadkowski
Portrait of a Woman

HHenri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Woman Sitting on a Divan

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
Woman Sitting on a Divan

Gisele Ulisse, Title Unknown

Gisele Ulisse
Title Unknown

Andy Warhol, Audrey Hepburn's Cat in Jumeirah

Andy Warhol
Audrey Hepburn's Cat in Jumeirah

Irving R. Wiles, My Daughter Gladys

Irving R. Wiles
My Daughter Gladys

Paz Winshtein,Half Nude Lady

Paz Winshtein
Half Nude Lady

Alexander Zavarin, Title Unknown

Alexander Zavarin
Title Unknown

H. Momo Zhou, Blossom

H. Momo Zhou

Alan Ayers, Trandafirul rosu

Alan Ayers
Trandafirul rosu

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