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Ant Venom Gumdrops
Ant Venom Gumdrops
Ant venom is formic acid, a strong taste not unlike sweet tarts. Mixing formic acid with ethanol (alcohol) forms an ester called ethyl formate- which also happens to be the characteristic smell of rum and taste of raspberries. When you eat the jelly, the main ingredient being showcased is the ant venom (pure formic acid), as well as the synergy from the continuum between formic acid and ethyl formate. Hopefully, in one bite, you should taste rum, raspberry, ethanol (very alcoholic Bacardi 151 rum) and ant venom! So the whole point of the ant venom gum drops is to deliver a deliciously synergistic hit of ant venom.

-Chambord (black raspberry liqueur)
-Bacardi 151 rum
-Jelly recipe

Macerate raspberries in Chambord and Bacardi 151 rum- this will intensify the raspberry flavor and give the raspberries a strong alcohol kick as well. I macerated my raspberries in a vacuum chamber to ensure maximum saturation.

Oil some jelly molds, and place the macerated raspberries inside them.

Using your favorite jelly recipe (you can even use Jell-Os recipe), make a rum-flavored jelly. Pour the liquid jelly over the raspberries and allow the jellies to firm up over a few hours. When the jellies are firm, remove them from the mold.

Harvest some ants from your backyard, preferably from a tree. Pinch the ants to kill them and keep them in a bowl at hand.

Using a blowtorch, lightly touch the flame to the jellies' surface, melting a little bit of jelly. Quickly embed the ants on the top of the jelly- they should stick fast. Allow the jelly to resolidify with the ants in them.

from "Food Hacking"