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Gallery 203
Paintings by Various Artists
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Pierre Carrier-Belleuse, Portrait Of A Seated Lady

Pierre Carrier-Belleuse
Portrait Of A Seated Lady

Miriam Briks, The Reading Woman

Miriam Briks
The Reading Woman

Klaus Clausmeyer, Orientalische Nacht

Klaus Clausmeyer
Orientalische Nacht

Léon de Smet, The Bathing Ladies

Léon de Smet
The Bathing Ladies

Vladimir Fedotko, Title Unknown

Vladimir Fedotko
Title Unknown

Sandra Flood, Look Away

Sandra Flood
Look Away

Wilhelm von Gegerfelt, Motiv från Venedig

Wilhelm von Gegerfelt
Motiv från Venedig

Vincent Giarrano, Oasis

Vincent Giarrano

Louise De Hem, In the Workshop

Louise De Hem
In the Workshop

Kurt Hilscher, Dancers

Kurt Hilscher

William Henry Hunt, Untitled

William Henry Hunt

Elena Ilku, Romantic Thoughts

Elena Ilku
Romantic Thoughts

Madalina Iordache-Levay, Exodus of the Leaves

Madalina Iordache-Levay
Exodus of the Leaves

Thomas Benjamin Kennington, Lady Reading By A Window

Thomas Benjamin Kennington
Lady Reading By A Window

Michael Klein, The Bride

Michael Klein
The Bride

Wilhelm Kotarbinsky, Dreams

Wilhelm Kotarbinsky

Louis Kronberg, Souvenir of Valencia

Louis Kronberg
Souvenir of Valencia

Sergey Kustarev, Title Unknown

Sergey Kustarev
Title Unknown

Michael Malm, Bathed in Light

Michael Malm
Bathed in Light

Édouard Manet, A Young Woman in the Garden

Édouard Manet
A Young Woman in the Garden

Ludovico Marchetti, Title Unknown

Ludovico Marchetti
Title Unknown

Pinckney Marcius-Simons, Woman with a Fan, Reading

Pinckney Marcius-Simons
Woman with a Fan, Reading

Wilhelm Menzler, Portrait of Woman in Bonnet

Wilhelm Menzler
Portrait of Woman in Bonnet

Christian Schad
Sonja with Max Herrmann Neisse in the Background

Mali Morris, Back to Front

Mali Morris
Back to Front

Victor Oliva, Title Unknown

Victor Oliva
Title Unknown

Xi Pan, Breeze

Xi Pan

Luigi Pastega, Die Kunstliebhaber

Luigi Pastega
Die Kunstliebhaber

Leonid Pasternak, To the Relatives

Leonid Pasternak
To the Relatives

Maria Pavlova, Hunters

Maria Pavlova

Robin Purcell, Tree Pose

Robin Purcell
Tree Pose

Hovsep Pushman, Youth

Hovsep Pushman

Sergey Reznichenko, Unknown Title

Sergey Reznichenko

Xavier Sager, Mannequin

Xavier Sager

Zayasaikhan Sambuu, Cazadoras

Zayasaikhan Sambuu (Zaya)

Jules Emile Santin, Reflections

Jules Emile Santin

James Jebusa Shannon, White Lillies

James Jebusa Shannon
White Lillies

Viktor Sheleg, Unknown Title

Viktor Sheleg
Unknown Title

Kevin Sinnott, Running Away with the Hairdresser

Kevin Sinnott
Running Away with the Hairdresser

Vitold Smukrovich, Model from the Back

Vitold Smukrovich
Model from the Back

Torsten Wasastjerna, Title Unknown

Torsten Wasastjerna
Title Unknown

Leon Zeytline, Unknown Title

Leon Zeytline
Unknown Title

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